Lion City & wild friends


The Lion City welcomed us in its perfectly ordered jungle beaming with joy. It was our first time traveling abroad with no one to really guide us so it felt like we just got out of our own cage in the form of our country. Everything was new and exciting and wonderful. Everyone is different and unique and beautiful. Singapore is a fast-paced place best shared with friends and I’m very lucky to have traveled with mine disguising as wild creatures but with really kind hearts inside.



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a Batangas escampism


Camping is one of those movie scenes I want to experience and our short escapade to this little beach brought to life an unforgettable moment that helped build our friendship. The conversation we had may have faded just like how the fire eventually lost its spark that night, but the cold sea will remember our whispers, the wind will still carry our tears away, and the stars in the sky will remain witness to the special bond that was formed.


This post is part of #thestrangehertravels photo essay project. 

The Forever That I Believe In


After reading one of my previous posts, I kind of reconsider what I said about going over to someone and asking them straight up to be friends. I haven’t done that before and I don’t know if I ever will.

A montage of all of my friends’ faces came to mind, as well as a brief flashback on how each one of them became my friend. And then I realized, you don’t talk about becoming friends, it just happens. The agreement is not done verbally, because it is felt.


– Dave Tyson Gentry

My friends and I started out as one another’s classmate until we begun spending time together more often. Our relationship developed until we know it in our hearts that we’re friends. We eventually became more comfortable with each other, sharing our thoughts and opinions became much easier, private jokes were formed, laughing hard became our past time, we have the knowing smile, we became each other’s critic, bully, and fan all at the same time, we sing too much and scream a lot, we also take a great deal of pictures everyday, we’re serious when we have to and we have fun every second, we are comfortable even with the silence, and we don’t even have to try coz it’s always a good time when we’re together. No one did ask another if we could be friends or something. It naturally happened. The kind of agreement you never have to talk about. The kind of agreement you never discuss.

Just because you ask someone to be friends and they say yes doesn’t mean the two of you are actually friends. Friendship has a deeper sense to it more than just that. And it grows even more if you know how to nurture it.

Our friends are one of the best things that happened to us. And I know that I will keep mine forever. Even if forever isn’t enough. Even if forever doesn’t exist. This is the forever that I choose to believe in.

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