Feel The Tension



Carter placed the first word
on the board. Summer, it read,
with E touching the star.

I smiled at the thought
of the word I could make
out of the letters on my rack.

Using the blank tile as M,
I connected Memories
to his Summer, our summer.

Zoe has a smug look on
her face as she linked
Love at Summer’s E.

I caught Carter’s eyes
at that brief moment
and we just understood.

Ryan seem to have noticed,
he was smirking during his turn,
attaching Illusion to Love.

Now I’m confused.
Are we playing words
or speaking feelings?

Daily Post’s writing prompt The Perfect Game. [Photo]

Matter of Competition


Upon observing people, I noticed that all of us have some sort of competitiveness within. Maybe one of the first things you do when you go out of your house is compare your outfit to another person’s. Or maybe your friend gets a little jealous over your perfect score on a Science quiz. No matter what that is, all of us are competing with one another.

The world is a battlefield, you know. We just have a distinct way of dealing with competitions.

Some give up easily. Others would fight hard until the end. And there are those who are only aggressive when they want to. They choose when to fight and when to give in.

But I know of others who don’t look at competitions as such,