But in time
you’d understand
what kept me
from falling.

The wind
stopped blowing
for some time.

I walked away
tired and hopeless
from the edge
of the precipice.


Out of the Woods | Swift Saturdays

Swift Saturdays

I walked out and said, “I’m settin’ you free”


Walking out means two things for me—getting tired and giving up. Getting tired of the same old things we keep on hearing and giving up because all our efforts are used up and our minds drained.

Setting someone or something free means two things for me—losing and knowing. Losing a special person or a distant dream and knowing that a number of things are far-off and out of reach.

Walking out and setting free. I’ve done a few of those two things, sometimes separately and others simultaneously. I’ve set my desire of writing a novel free for a long while now. I’ve walked out of it. I’ve given up. But I continue to make stories in my mind every now and then. I still  dream of it once in a blue moon but I’ve realized already that it’s not for me. And I’m fine with it–I’m not frustrated or anything.

I think there’s a new beginning for every thing and everyone. Starting over is hard. But the painful steps would lead us to a beautiful place. In the course of time it will be like our hearts knew not of the past. And before long we will hurt no more and begin to move forward again.

Swift Aftertaste

Bitter: The taste of an aching heart because of our crashing dreams over someone or something.

Sweet: The taste of letting go, our realizations, and the life to come.

Swift Discussion

Tell me about the time you set something free.