my moon


And it just dawned on me that we’re halfway through the year.

I wonder if I’m anywhere near my dreams, if I can reach my goals, and if my feelings are valid and real.

Some days are full of doubts, some are blooming with colors, and the others sound just the same—the monotonous life that we lead to survive. 

This night looks similar to the nights before, when a simple fact or idea that entered my mind will make me look at my life, the past, particularly. And then comes a rational female voice which reminds me that what I have right now is more important than dwelling with what’s gone, with the past. It will also whisper something sweet, that there’s something to look forward to in the future.

And right when I’m about to sleep, the stars will put me in awe, especially the one that’s closest to the moon. It kind of tells me to hold on to my life dearer, or even as much as it holds on to the sky, just to see the moon. 

And maybe that’s why I wake up each day, to get closer to my moon.

14 Psychology Facts


Maybe you have come upon this article but I just finished reading it now and I wanna share it with you guys who haven’t. It’s about 14 amazing psychology facts you probably never heard of but with some you already know and are doing.

What got me into that link was the first item which talked about goals. If you happen to read I Keep Goals To Myself from the fourth paragraph down, I kind of explained the reason why until now I, well, keep goals to myself. And that will remain because a study somehow supports that.

If you remember a past event, you’re actually remembering the last time you remembered it rather than the event itself.

That was number 13 from the article. And that surprised me. All I thought of was that once you recall memories frequently, that becomes the clearest and most accurate of all. Turns out it’s the complete opposite. I was doomed. Now I don’t know if reminiscing is a good idea. Or how often will I do it.

Sparks Fly | Swift Saturdays

Swift Saturdays

You find I’m even better than you imagined I would be.


Imagination is nothing like expectation. It’s gentle, sweet, pleasant, and engaging. It’s also surprising when what we imagine come true. You’re speechless and you couldn’t find words to properly describe how you feel. Coz finally your imagination is a reality. And what happens if it’s even better? You wish that it will never end and you hope never to daydream again. Imagination is another world filled with joy and laughter. It is the only place where we could live the life we desire.

However, there are always two sides of the coin, and most imaginations remain just like that. Which is miserable, unfortunate, poignant, and dispiriting. It makes you wanna cry and lose hope and never dream for tomorrow. Because you don’t like how you live today and you feel like you don’t deserve the life you’re living.

But I think it’s a matter of the way we look at things. Our perspective. Do you imagine and make it as an inspiration to live a better a life and to reach your goals? Or do you imagine and think nothing like that will ever happen to me so you just sulk everyday, alive but not living?

Swift Aftertaste

Bitter: The taste of your forgotten dreams and wasted time.

Sweet: The taste of your imaginations coming to life.

Swift Discussion

What are your imaginations and how do you look at them?

I Keep Goals To Myself


Whenever I want something, I write them down. It feels more real that way. And, of course, organized. This includes my goals. Though I don’t use the term goal often, I know that it’s the appropriate word.

Just before the year 2014 ended, I grabbed a bear notepad and wrote down the things I wanna start for this year. One of them is this blog. And I’m really happy that I found out about the course Blogging 101. It helped me a great deal on starting this and wanting to do more. It’s also because of that that I was able to sign up for Blogging 201.

Our first task on the 201 course is to set three goals for our blogs. I’m telling you, if not for today’s assignment, I wouldn’t have a clear notion of what I wanna achieve for the next few weeks and months. I’ve already written down my goals and I will do my best to accomplish them.

Now, regarding the title of this post, it’s true. I keep goals to myself. And more. My friends sometimes call me secretive. I don’t know, maybe I find keeping secrets fun. Or I’m just afraid that if I fail and the others knew about my goals it would agonize me more than I would had they not know.

But really, it’s because I want to do things alone. Independently. All by myself. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I wouldn’t need help. I’m just saying it’s a different kind of feeling when you succeed in something because of your own efforts. I ask for assistance at times to people around me when I really need it, but indirectly. I don’t tell them of my plans but I give them a concrete example so they could give me proper answers. Whatever it is, I find ways.

It’s a pleasure making your own plans and doing your own thing. Just like when we’re shopping alone, we could go about the mall back and forth, up and down, round and round, and still feel good about it. Coz once we’re done, we’d sigh heavily, and breathe “Finally!”