Emotions Don’t Last


For two consecutive years, the top post of my blog remains the same: Unconscious Love. While I see no problem in that, it’s a little troubling to think how people led them there: by searching ‘sad couple’ on the internet.

The featured photo I used for the post is simply named ‘sad couple’ and mistakenly linking it to the source didn’t prevent it from getting the attention it currently enjoys. One look at my search engine stats and you’ll think that there’s a lot of people who are sad, as the top fifteen searches managed to have the word ‘sad’ in it. But then again most of my posts have a hint of sadness, so it’s no wonder I’m attracting all the brokenhearted, miserable, rejected, unhappy ones and all the synonyms of a sad person you can think of.

Yes, it’s a little troubling that all these people are sad, but sadness is an emotion and emotions don’t last, they constantly change and shape us to become the person we are supposed to be. I only hope that, through my blog, people will realize they are not alone in this world, that someone from another country shares the same pain they have, and that we will all get through, always.

Now going back to Unconscious Love, I remembered asking: Are we really capable of loving someone unconsciously? To which I have long found the answer. (Bear in mind that I’m talking about romance.)

We are not capable of loving someone unconsciously. We feel it; we are aware when it’s starting to grow in our hearts and mess with our mind and our life in general. We know it coz we start to look at someone in a very special (and weird) way. We simply recognize love and all of us are conscious when it comes to it. Because love just is.

Discover Challenge: Hope Gone Viral


This quote is telling us that we can never be hopeless. I remember saying that hope is everywhere. And it really is. So are all the possibilities in this huge world.

We get tired, exhausted, after crossing out yet again one of our plans for it didn’t work, but we shouldn’t give up. Some of us will demand for a break, and that’s alright, we need that. But we also need to start again. Stand up and get moving. For there is no such thing as zero possibility.

This is in response to the blog event Writer’s Quote Wednesday. [Photo]

Zero Possibility


The Search Is On


You’re searching for something that is not hard to find. And yet you don’t see it.

Like happiness. And hope. Maybe someone who cares? Love? Or perhaps, a job. You keep thinking you’re alone. That some people are moving too fast you can’t keep up. You ask questions. Why do the others seem to get what they want easily? We’re not the same, yes, but it feels like everyone else has the things that you can’t get a hold of. You keep going. Because you have to. You keep looking. Because you want to.

They say love is just around the corner. The kind that makes your insides go wild. And they say hope is everywhere, just waiting for you to cling on to one. Happiness… ah, it never goes out of style. The people who care are left unnoticed. But they still remain, so appreciate them, accept them. And of course, the right job will come to you. Wait, is that it or you will find the right job instead? Oh I don’t know.


I’m searching for something that is not hard to find. And yet I can’t see it. And yet I haven’t got a hold of it. But I keep going, because I have to. And I keep looking, because I want to.


Scarlet’s Tale



In the world where fantasy’s real
A tolerable brunette girl swims
Since the day she turned sixteen
The adventure of a lifetime begins

She was given hard tasks to complete
But this lady would not back out
Anything she will do to achieve
The remarkable thing she found

At the middle of a clear blue ocean
You’ll notice her stunning crimson tail
But the place she wants is in a distant
And to go there she will not fail

The whirls on the water is boundless
And with its rhythm she tries to sway
There are times that she feels hopeless
But her pursuit would not just fade

The burden on her back for nine years
She embraced generously indeed
After the long while she perseveres
All was worth when she saw her feet


I Almost Do | Swift Saturdays

Swift Saturdays

And I hope sometimes you wonder about me


The title itself could bring so much into mind. When the Red album came out, this was one of the first songs that I noticed and liked. It’s full of regret, bitterness, nostalgia, and heartache. But even if this song is certainly about a lost love, those three little words, I almost do, would get you every time you remember something you should’ve done.

But I picked an even more painful line. It’s a desire. For someone to think wonder about you. Sometimes. You’re not even asking for much. Just once in a while. I couldn’t relate firsthand on a romantic level. But every now and then, I wish to be in someone else’s mind. For someone to think wonder about me. For someone to remember me.

Coz that someone is on my mind.
Coz I think wonder about that someone.
Coz I remember that someone.

Heavy sigh.

Swift Aftertaste

Bitter: The taste of hope, expectation, and doubt if a person is thinking about you the way you do.

Sweet: The taste of your memories so vivid and flashbacks so clear.

Swift Discussion

Tell me about the person you want to think wonder about you.