The Thing About Humans



We dislike being clingy but we make a way to see each other every week.
We hate dramas but at night we cry to sleep.
We despise lying but we say things we don’t mean.
We get tired of living but we continue to breathe.

That’s the thing about us humans, we demand to be confusing.


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I could easily incorporate love in today’s prompt. A mere mention of expressing one’s emotion to someone else sounds frightening enough. And the next thing most millennials are afraid of: falling in love.

Or I could also write down a list of things that scares me, like speaking in front of a crowd or dyeing my hair blonde, with matching explanations why they scare me and how to get rid of them.

But I will always go back to my first post, What Are We Afraid Of.

Big or small, we are afraid of something. But why are we afraid? Really. I could write down a long list of things that I’m afraid of. But not a single acceptable reason as to why. We live once, they say. And reasons will just sound like excuses.

However, I suddenly thought of something that could be the most terrifying yet: how my mind works and what I could do to myself, or to anyone, for that matter. Maybe the thing that we’re most scared to do is what we can do when all we think of is ourselves.



It’s funny how a simple sentence can make you feel bad. Typed or uttered. A conversation that was supposed to be fun and engaging suddenly punched your heart, making it heavy and bruise-friendly. Good thing is, bruises heal and last for only a while. It will not leave a mark and the impact is weak, as if the pain was barely there. It’s forgettable. And that’s just how I like it.

Bruises in my heart, like a foolish kind of happiness, make me think and question myself. Why was I bruised? Did I do something wrong? Am I too sensitive? (I’m not, believe me.) Or am just thinking that I’m the victim when it’s really the other way around?

Oh gosh it’s complicated.

What I also don’t get is how I accept these bruises, how I embrace them. Maybe because they push me to a better state than where I was aka becoming a better version of myself. Or maybe because being in pain, no matter how little that is, gives me strength and compels me to be more alive, or to live more in the way I want.

Yeah. I’m asking questions I already know the answers to. Coz I feel like it. Coz that’s what I wanna do right now, in my life. Sometimes, having a messy mind is fine. And I mean it when I say sometimes you know. And let me use this term today so as to end this post, sorrynotsorry.

a quote a day, 3


It’s okay to be hurting as much as you are; what you are feeling is not only completely valid, but necessary—because it makes you so much more human.

– Lang Leav

This quote is from Lang Leav’s Broken Hearts. Even though we have reserved an unsuspected strength that comes out when we most need them, it’s still okay to be hurting as much as we are. We are not made of steel, we are not robots, we are humans. And it makes us capable of hurting or in being so much pain, but yes, that’s necessary.

When I turned 20, I found that I was more emotional, so I actually started to allow myself to cry as much as I need to when my heart is heavy. (I just did this morning.) And I think that in order for us to move on, or at least try to, we need to hurt as much first. Because now that we know how pain feels like, we will do anything not to get back on that same situation again.

Ameena who writes beautiful poems from RandsomsbyaRandom nominated me to participate in the 3 quotes for 3 days challenge. The quote above is for my last. And I posted below the picture of Broken Hearts so if you are interested, then read it! [Photo]

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Just As We Are


I am not the average of the five people I spend the most time with. For one, it is hard enough to think of who those five people are. Choosing among your friends is next to impossible and picking people I don’t personally know would do me no good, since I don’t really know them. So the quote from the writer, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”, is not true for me. And for all of us, I think.

There is so much more to a person than the people he chooses to stay with. Even if the birds of the same feather flock together, they still have a lot of differences. The way they chirp, the way they stroke their wings, and the way they look around. (Of course I don’t really know about birds but you get the idea, right?) A person is unique in his own way. He cannot be measured by his friends nor family. His tastes and preferences may say more about him but it’s not his entirety. A person is complex in ways we couldn’t imagine. That is why we find it hard to describe ourselves on About Me sections. Because words couldn’t sum us up. It is hard to explain who we are or what we are, so for now, let’s just stay as we are.

This is in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt Circle of Five.

We Are What We Are


This post is in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt Silver Screen. And since I couldn’t remember any quotes or lines, I just used the title of one of my favorite movies, We Are What We Are (2013).

I really like the film but I don’t know how to critique so this isn’t gonna be one. I highly recommend it though.

We are what we are. It is a statement. But I’m not sure if I deemed it true for myself or not. I haven’t thought about why I am what I am. Vague answers would be as a result of culture, environment, norms, and the like. Something more specific would be because of my family, friends, and people I personally know. But my mind is pointing at the mirror, suggesting that it’s all because of me. However, there is no precise reason why we are what we are. Most of us couldn’t even identify what we are.

we are what we areWe humans are complicated, mysterious, and unpredictable. We could change faster than the seasons or stop moving at all. A stand-alone novel or even a trilogy would not be able to document our story. And that’s just the story, what more our personalities? Who we are? What we are? A lifetime would come to pass but it couldn’t even capture half of us. There’s not even a proper word to describe us. It is not invented yet. Or will there ever be such a word?

This song from Hilary Duff is wonderful that most of us would find it agreeable. But even that could only be valid for a day.

For we are everything. We are nothing. We are what we are.