The Search Is On


You’re searching for something that is not hard to find. And yet you don’t see it.

Like happiness. And hope. Maybe someone who cares? Love? Or perhaps, a job. You keep thinking you’re alone. That some people are moving too fast you can’t keep up. You ask questions. Why do the others seem to get what they want easily? We’re not the same, yes, but it feels like everyone else has the things that you can’t get a hold of. You keep going. Because you have to. You keep looking. Because you want to.

They say love is just around the corner. The kind that makes your insides go wild. And they say hope is everywhere, just waiting for you to cling on to one. Happiness… ah, it never goes out of style. The people who care are left unnoticed. But they still remain, so appreciate them, accept them. And of course, the right job will come to you. Wait, is that it or you will find the right job instead? Oh I don’t know.


I’m searching for something that is not hard to find. And yet I can’t see it. And yet I haven’t got a hold of it. But I keep going, because I have to. And I keep looking, because I want to.