the lady kept her mouth shut



An eerie silence
Mouths parting
Background noises
Strangers sighing
A movie house
Love unrequited
Eyes searching
Losing ahead
A heavy rain
Hearts racing
Quiet minds
Moon rising
An obvious sign
Both falling
Dumb mistake
Confined feelings

Daily Post’s Obvious and Mistake.

P.S. Please take time to read it slowly.

here i go again


And here I go again—

looking for your scent.

A trigger that made me wild,

now you’re running through my mind.

I can’t seem to forget you;

oh, the things you made me do!

I made this poem in under a minute,

praying in your heart I could still fit.

Daily Post’s writing prompt Fifty. It’s a fifty-word poem. Wink

Feel The Tension



Carter placed the first word
on the board. Summer, it read,
with E touching the star.

I smiled at the thought
of the word I could make
out of the letters on my rack.

Using the blank tile as M,
I connected Memories
to his Summer, our summer.

Zoe has a smug look on
her face as she linked
Love at Summer’s E.

I caught Carter’s eyes
at that brief moment
and we just understood.

Ryan seem to have noticed,
he was smirking during his turn,
attaching Illusion to Love.

Now I’m confused.
Are we playing words
or speaking feelings?

Daily Post’s writing prompt The Perfect Game. [Photo]




There’s a problem with my eyes.
When the left one is close,
I could barely see the memories
we had.

There’s a problem with my eyes.
When the left one is open,
I could clearly see the future
we lost.

There’s a problem with my eyes.

But there’s also a problem with yours.

It doesn’t matter when your eyes
are open or close, for either way
you wouldn’t recognize the lady
you loved.

This is in response to the Daily Post’s writing prompt Don’t You Forget About Me. [Photo]



The gang’s intimacy
Shouting on ears
Running around barefoot
Bad things we see
Tangible playmates
Physical activities
These things I miss
Instead of technologies

That was so long ago
But I would give up
All my gadgets
For a day
Of solid happiness

This is in response to the Daily Post’s writing prompt Going Obsolete.

14 Psychology Facts


Maybe you have come upon this article but I just finished reading it now and I wanna share it with you guys who haven’t. It’s about 14 amazing psychology facts you probably never heard of but with some you already know and are doing.

What got me into that link was the first item which talked about goals. If you happen to read I Keep Goals To Myself from the fourth paragraph down, I kind of explained the reason why until now I, well, keep goals to myself. And that will remain because a study somehow supports that.

If you remember a past event, you’re actually remembering the last time you remembered it rather than the event itself.

That was number 13 from the article. And that surprised me. All I thought of was that once you recall memories frequently, that becomes the clearest and most accurate of all. Turns out it’s the complete opposite. I was doomed. Now I don’t know if reminiscing is a good idea. Or how often will I do it.



You shouldn’t forget the past,
no matter how good or bad it was.
But if you feel like reminiscing
those of your previous happenings,
be sure to think not much
while recalling any circumstance.
You wouldn’t wanna cry
after that short while
of looking back at the things
you’ve already left behind.