Impossible Me



I dream to be
a mermaid
when the full moon
comes out.
But that is
not possible.
Well at least
for now.

This is in response to the Daily Post’s writing prompt The Full Moon. [Photo]

Scarlet’s Tale



In the world where fantasy’s real
A tolerable brunette girl swims
Since the day she turned sixteen
The adventure of a lifetime begins

She was given hard tasks to complete
But this lady would not back out
Anything she will do to achieve
The remarkable thing she found

At the middle of a clear blue ocean
You’ll notice her stunning crimson tail
But the place she wants is in a distant
And to go there she will not fail

The whirls on the water is boundless
And with its rhythm she tries to sway
There are times that she feels hopeless
But her pursuit would not just fade

The burden on her back for nine years
She embraced generously indeed
After the long while she perseveres
All was worth when she saw her feet