The Night I Walked Away


Then the stage lights dimmed
As slow as my heavy breathing
A band of nine started to sing
As I walked farther from him

It was a night of pain and glee
Though the songs hit me badly
All my illusions became blurry
Then I turned light and free

The band stopped playing
But the lights are still dim
I casually left on a whim
Without him even caring

feel no more


Some clouds move faster than the other clouds.

I guess it says so much about our hearts moving on.

But some days, there are no clouds at all.

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The Heart and The Brain

Short Story

About a month ago, the heart finally decided to team up with the brain in moving on.

Both organs are getting tired of fighting each other—the heart wants to wait but the brain knows there’s nothing to wait—and it weakens the soul. The brain posted a challenge to the heart: be as pathetic as you can be for a month but let go after that. The heart agreed, but with that came the most of most pain it ever felt, which the brain thought was necessary in moving forward.

And the brain was right. It was only halfway through the month when the heart felt lighter after all those times of hoping. Yes, it felt the most of most pain, but that taught the heart what the brain has long understood, that there’s no chance and waiting will never be done.

The heart sighed and muttered: I’ve wasted my time. But the brain disagreed, “No, you didn’t. All hearts traverse different paths to healing. What matters now is you found your way. And we turned your sadness into art, which is the best thing that came out of your loneliness.”

Both organs have closed the gap between the idea of freedom and actually being free. The heart need not finish the rest of the month and the brain need not look out for the heart. They are enjoying each other’s company and it strengthens the soul, everyone is happy.

But the human to which they belong could only be free for the time being, until the heart and brain fights again.

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You’re Denied


I’m moving forward
Through the hazy times
Of crying at midnight
And cursing out loud

I finally got over
Seeing your face
Everywhere I go
Among the crowds

I have forgotten
Your crazy opinions
On weird topics
Such as love

I never keep in mind
The touch of your hair
Your scent that smiles
The grin in your eyes

But I just remembered
That I greatly lie
And everything above
Are false and denied

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Better To Know



Most of you would agree with this quote (oh I also do, believe me), but my mind tells me to look at the other side and explore what lies behind wondering.

I remember the moments when I kept thinking about things that could have happen had I not know about the real deal. I would always make beautiful stories in my head because I’m unaware of what is happening, or what could happen. They brought smiles to my face and I like it. Because at least, even for a little while, I become happy.

We wonder when we’re worried, because we care about someone. We wonder about what ifs, because until now we cannot completely move on. We wonder why, because we gave our trust to that person. We never wonder just because, for there is always a reason.

It is nice to wonder. The emotions that you get, even if they’re not as real, makes us feel alive. The sudden thump in our hearts or the sweat that runs on our faces while we think, while we imagine, while we wonder. They may be half as true but they sure keep us awake and existing.

But still, it’s better to know than to always wonder.

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Moving On



Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting everything, it means being free from the pain while remembering it all.

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Live In What Is Happening


─ Heather Hepler

I could think a lot of things from this quote. Expectation, disappointment, regret, realization, acceptance, and moving on. That was somewhat arranged in kinda like an order. At least to me, that is the ideal way of taking things. But why does it seem like we all get stuck at regret? Or we just stay there far too long than we actually should? Or maybe you’re like me, who realized so much and accepted enough but somehow still finds her way back at regret, with moving on getting more and more distant.

Something terrible happened to us the previous year and the impact lasts until now. The aftermaths are still here, and it will probably stay longer that we wanted it to be. Like I said, I’ve realized so much and accepted enough, but from time to time I go back at regret. I can’t help it. It’s as if the universe is playing a joke on me that almost everything I see reminds me of what happened, and what didn’t. I know this prevents us to completely move on. Because how can we do that if we keep on coming back on the past and on thinking about the should’ve beens? We all know the answer, and yet we don’t. We all know that we need total acceptance, and yet we settle for enough.

We should live in the moment, that’s what this quote is saying, and what the others are screaming. We are not ignoring that, in fact we are totally aware of that. And I think all of us are waiting for that point in time when we’ve truly let go, and that’s probably the first of days when our hearts are heavy no more and we could absolutely live in what is happening.

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