rain & streetlights


I have a thing for rain
and streetlights

All the stories of pain
love combine

Shadows concealing your grief
at night

A mysterious fury the soul
can’t define

I have a thing for wind
and footsteps

All the mistakes of thirst
hearts ingest

Secrecy trailing desire
after sunset

A provocative tryst the skin
can’t suppress

Into the Dark


mystery-lighting-infinity series-art fair ph-mark justiniani

Deep into the darkness—that’s where he went;
the place he knows I don’t want to be in;
the only place where he knows I will never follow him.

Photo 101’s Mystery & Lighting Effects

P.S. The photo shows a part of an installation called Infinity Series by Mark Justiniani at the Art Fair Philippines 2016.




I envy the moon
for she has hidden
her other side perfectly
that only the brave
would make an attempt
to seek the mystery.

But bravery isn’t enough
for the moon determines
a few deserving souls
to see her completely
naked, sincere, and whole.

Daily Post’s Envy. [Photo]