peaks and friendship 


A group of friends that hikes together, stays together forever! Even when you get at the foot of the mountain knowing there were only eight peaks when there are actually twelve. Our laughter filled the air in Mt. Batulao with some sighs of exhaustion in between. We were speechless when we finally reached the top, partly worn out and partly awed. The twelve peaks were like a test of friendship and I’m so proud we conquered them all. The next day after climbing a mountain, we went to Caleruega Church to pray and reflect a little. It was a weekend well spent with friends.


This post is part of #thestrangehertravels photo essay project.

a day at the beach


Today’s task is to try a new posting style. And honestly, I found it harder choosing pictures than thinking words. Lol

I was thinking if I’m gonna publish this or not. But then I thought, let go and be happy!