The Heart Leaps


The night
I gave
my heart
you took
it home
only to

He broke
the code
and stole
my heart,
a righteous
thief from
your jars
of art.

Daily Post’s Leap.


You Are The Secret



You visit me often like a dream I cannot pronounce
A thought I keep pushing once the curtains are down
The heart that was sleeping decided to run about
It fell in a trap and now the home can’t be found

You became shadows I chase all through the night
Dancing in the darkness until my eyes turn blind
You transformed a sin into a sweet hobby of mine
The pleasure is within and the guilt is out of sight

But don’t let me hold you when the right time comes
For you are the secret that my heart can’t pronounce

Daily Post’s Evasive Action. [Photo]

and at night



And at night

I wonder

if someone

is thinking

of me

the same way

I think of

someone else.

The Last Dance



Dancing with the night
The piano keeps singing
His eyes are the stars
Her voice is the wind

They never stopped time
Played with it instead
For the two of them know
Someone will leave home

Daily Post’s Strike a Chord. [Photo]

The Chill of the Night


girl confused chill night poem

The chill of the night keeps hugging me
Trying to balance the heat on my body
But the cold only seeped into my heart
The numbness of the being turned to art

The chill of the night is amatory
Fervently dreaming to sleep with me
Though this dazed girl do not despise
My feelings and state of mind, undefined

The chill of the night, he whom I pity
Love that is not reciprocated, I was he
The chill of the night, he will move on
Later in no time, the chill will be gone