Overthinking to the extent of making my heart feel light and believing that everything will be fine. (Yes, overthinking in a positive way, coz I made it possible.) When in a crisis, I do that. I clear my mind off the problem first and do things that will make me happy for a while until I forget that I’m actually going through something.


Of course, Reality will knock on my door after a few minutes of relaxing while having amnesia and remind me of my dilemmas. That’s when I start making plans. Still, on my mind. I never write them. Because I’m lazy. Even though I know that writing it down makes it more like a plan. And I rarely share them. Because the burden of keeping someone, or a few, posted is not for me. I prefer telling what happened if I’m past the crisis. Or whatever that is.

In response to the Daily Post’s writing prompt In a Crisis.

A Beautiful Thought



I’ve read this quote about three weeks ago and it remained in my mind. And I don’t think I would ever forget it.

When I’m sad, I tend to overthink. And you couldn’t do anything much about it because even after distracting yourself on keeping busy, you’ll end up thinking again before sleeping or once you wake up (more so if you resorted to drinking so as to easily sleep). But after seeing those words creating a beautiful sentence, I found myself pondering over that when I’m gloomy instead of the pessimism overthinking could bring.

I think it’s a powerful sentence. Or maybe I just found it at the time I needed most. But there’s so much idea and sense and feeling and meaning into it that when you read it over and over, you’ll feel great. That’s why I’ve pinned this quote to my brain. Because it’s just so beautiful, believe me. And I don’t know who said this, I’ve tried searching but couldn’t locate the original, but whoever you are, thank you. Really, this is beautiful. Thank you.

As I was starting this post, I’m thinking of writing that there’s nothing much to say and I should just leave you with the quote alone because I’m sure that it would get to you somehow. But look at where we’re at. We’re both nearing the end. Actually, this is the end. But then I wanna let you know that I really love this quote. I love it, it’s beautiful.

This is in response to the blog event Writer Quote’s Wednesday. [Photo]

Have I mentioned how beautiful this quote is? And that I really love it?