Share My Blue


I might thank pain
for punching me

I am a pathetic girl
full of misery

Right now,
I perceive myself
as a burden too

For earlier,
I bothered friends
to share my blue

So, Come Back


The sky cleared up
But only for a while
The storm came back
As you waved goodbye

Swimmer’s Prompt: Clouds.

lips and roaches

Poetry, Strange

Your lips
are the rim of an aqua coffee mug
crawled on by roaches
I would never dare let mine touch again.

Yet your voice
is the sound of an expensive violin
stroked by a fine bow
I loathe how it could still disrupt my ground.

fate is the enemy


The boy who cried move
was the one who can’t let go.
The girl who cried please
was the one who walked alone.

The stance that they took
was the fate they received.
But the fate is the enemy
becoming distant is the creed.

the longest wait


I would tell the others
one thing I’ve convinced myself:
I’m not waiting for him,
I’m waiting for me—
to get over him.

And that
is a lie;
and that
would also be
my longest wait.

Daily Post’s Waiting

The Crank Music Box


The crank music box plays the song
as loud as the beat of my heart—
you can hear it even when you’re far.

Your words are melodies
combing its way to my mind;
your stares are distant rhythms
looping its tune to my eyes. 

Then the tone of your voice
transitioned away from mine;
you shifted your genre
and now we’re not harmonized. 

The crank music box plays the song
as loud as the beat of your heart—
for her.

I can hear it even when you’re far.

Daily Post’s Critical Eye.