dormant feelings


Time will lead you back
to old conversations
long interpreted
to forced messages
accidentally deleted
to sweet words
never expressed.

Vaguely asking questions:
has the heart healed
is the love still there
did the pain go away
are feelings just dormant?

I hope in your mind the answers land.

live with lies


My throat hurts
so bad,
I can’t speak.

A big chunk of fear
blocking the way,
preventing courage
to pass by
and push honesty

My throat hurts
so bad,
I have to lie.

I push honesty aside.

Emotions Don’t Last


For two consecutive years, the top post of my blog remains the same: Unconscious Love. While I see no problem in that, it’s a little troubling to think how people led them there: by searching ‘sad couple’ on the internet.

The featured photo I used for the post is simply named ‘sad couple’ and mistakenly linking it to the source didn’t prevent it from getting the attention it currently enjoys. One look at my search engine stats and you’ll think that there’s a lot of people who are sad, as the top fifteen searches managed to have the word ‘sad’ in it. But then again most of my posts have a hint of sadness, so it’s no wonder I’m attracting all the brokenhearted, miserable, rejected, unhappy ones and all the synonyms of a sad person you can think of.

Yes, it’s a little troubling that all these people are sad, but sadness is an emotion and emotions don’t last, they constantly change and shape us to become the person we are supposed to be. I only hope that, through my blog, people will realize they are not alone in this world, that someone from another country shares the same pain they have, and that we will all get through, always.

Now going back to Unconscious Love, I remembered asking: Are we really capable of loving someone unconsciously? To which I have long found the answer. (Bear in mind that I’m talking about romance.)

We are not capable of loving someone unconsciously. We feel it; we are aware when it’s starting to grow in our hearts and mess with our mind and our life in general. We know it coz we start to look at someone in a very special (and weird) way. We simply recognize love and all of us are conscious when it comes to it. Because love just is.

Discover Challenge: Hope Gone Viral

what the world can’t give


On days when I’m mad,
I see sad eyes.
tired of their lives.
A refuge,
that’s what they seek.
But nothing that the world can give.

On nights when I’m pleased,
I hear joyous laughter.
turn into lovers.
More time,
that’s what they need.
But nothing that the world can give.

Discover Challenge’s Radical Authenticity

P.S. Authenticity in the eyes of a woman who was mad for a day since she woke up; it didn’t help that the world went against her during that time. I wrote the first four lines when I was commuting to work and the rest when I was going back home, different days, different emotion. 

Private Loving


One could argue that unrequited love is the most painful kind but it is also great at the same time. Most know why it’s painful, but only a few would consider it great. Think of it like this: you saw the beauty in a person that only a handful would and despite your unreciprocated feelings, you still loved them. Maybe temporarily, but still.

During my down time at work, I tried to surf the net incognito, of course. I prefer to use Firefox and the one at the office isn’t up to date, but the window that shows the info about private browsing caught my attention. Since I enjoy playing with words, I decided to borrow Firefox’s layout and private browsing info to make my own incognito tab, on love.

private loving thestrangeher-wordpress

never again in a snap


And in a snap
I might forget you—
like how I delete old posts and pictures
or how I become active in social media 
only to stop all at once. 

But the habit of doing things
in a snap—
whenever I feel like it
is just never effective
when I try to forget you. 

And so little by little
that’s how I do it—
forgetting you;
never again in a snap.

Daily Post’s Snap

the man at the cliff


He might fall.

Three words that triggered
a lot of thoughts and memories
back to my mind.
Three words that wouldn’t
make sense unless you hear
the rest of the line.

…he’s always on the edge.

And that is where the problem lies.

Daily Post’s Edge.

P.S. This was previously titled as ‘just on the edge.’ 

If Only



If only
falling in love
with you
is as certain
as the day ends,
our life
would be easier.

But I
fell in love
with him
as certain
as the day ends,
then him
to someone else.

Daily Post’s Inevitable. [Photo]