rain & streetlights


I have a thing for rain
and streetlights

All the stories of pain
love combine

Shadows concealing your grief
at night

A mysterious fury the soul
can’t define

I have a thing for wind
and footsteps

All the mistakes of thirst
hearts ingest

Secrecy trailing desire
after sunset

A provocative tryst the skin
can’t suppress



Ordinary structures that fascinate meā€”formed by happenstance and captured to last forever. Unlike your heart in mine.

of lights and shadows


Shadows, one of my favorite things on Earth.

There’s been a lot of stories about shadows and it’s surprising that I have only created a single poem about it and a very short one at that. Probably because my fascination with shadows give me joy, unlike the melancholic feeling I get with the rain, sun, or moon. And when you’re happy you rarely think of anything else, you just smile and take the moment in.

P.S. I have more shadow pictures but it seems like I’m only fascinated with my shadow lol.

You Are The Secret



You visit me often like a dream I cannot pronounce
A thought I keep pushing once the curtains are down
The heart that was sleeping decided to run about
It fell in a trap and now the home can’t be found

You became shadows I chase all through the night
Dancing in the darkness until my eyes turn blind
You transformed a sin into a sweet hobby of mine
The pleasure is within and the guilt is out of sight

But don’t let me hold you when the right time comes
For you are the secret that my heart can’t pronounce

Daily Post’s Evasive Action. [Photo]