The Golden Boy


what is there to be bewildered about?
when the sun glows on your skin
and the flowers bloom in your heart

what is there to be confused for?
when your skin touched my bones
they radiate with light
when your heart caressed my soul
the pigments intensify

what is there to be doubtful of?
when my bones start to burst
you come out for the sun
and bury me deep in your arms
when my soul turns to gray
you keep weeds out the flowers
and paint me back with fire





I envy the moon
for she has hidden
her other side perfectly
that only the brave
would make an attempt
to seek the mystery.

But bravery isn’t enough
for the moon determines
a few deserving souls
to see her completely
naked, sincere, and whole.

Daily Post’s Envy. [Photo]




She was not the first
girl to come over me
and then buy us a drink.
But you see, I liked her
right away.

She was a smart woman
with an enchanting beauty
unlike most girls I meet.
You know, we were in love
way, way back.

But then behind her lovely eyes,
a wicked mind and a greedy heart

I dived deep into her wilderness
trying to bring her soul back to the

But little did I know she was a great
swimmer and before I realized, I was

She was the only person
who treated me like a cat
when I was actually a tiger.
But you see, I will remember
her, forever.

Daily Post’s writing prompt Brilliant Disguise.