Your Answer



The first question is
if I believe in soulmates.
I don’t know.

The next question is
if I have a best friend.
And I don’t.

The last question is
if I want to have both.
Yes, I do.

The question I won’t ask is
could it (please, please) be you?
Your answer here.

This is in response to the Daily Post’s writing prompt Born to Be With You. [Photo]

Sense of Hearing



Soul sister. Soulmate. Or whatever soul that is. That’s what we usually wanna call the person who wants to hear all of the things that go on in our heads. Because they think the same way. Because your mind works just like how their mind does. Because your imaginations take you to similar places. And because of so much more.

Listening. It’s an important word. Sometimes, all we need is someone who will listen. It makes us somehow ecstatic because a person is out there just to hear us out. Even if we talk about crazy non-sense rants or our wildest dreams. A person chose to spend his time with us, to hear, to listen. Now how amazing is that?

This is in response to the blog event Writer’s Quote Wednesday. [Photo]