the coolest summer


Three provinces, six islands, seven days. Summer of 2017 was the best I’ve had so far. From rock formations and waterfalls in Northern Samar to long sandbars and breathtaking views in Leyte. Sambawan Island made our jaw drop with its natural beauty and Kalanggaman Island is a paradise on its own. As if those weren’t enough, I traveled farther down to Cuatro Islas, where the stunning islands of Apid, Digyo, and Mahaba make up for the simplicity of life. Since I still have time, I explored the city of Baybay and even slept at the beautiful campus of Visayas State University. I missed what could have been the best sunset when I left for Tacloban right after chilling at Lintaon Peak. It didn’t end there though, as my wild spirit decided to walk along San Juanico Bridge alone. I still consider it the scariest 25 mins of my life to be honest. And this summer getaway the coolest.

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Mayon Volcano & other firsts


First times—things we never forget. The trip to Legazpi marked my first experience in riding one of the greatest inventions of all time, the airplane. And it wants to be remembered in a between-pesky-and-amusing way because before we landed in Albay we had to ride two airplanes with the thick clouds being the culprit, it was also the first time I kind of hated clouds for existing.

However, all our annoyance and discontent went away when we caught sight of the magnificent perfect cone-shaped Mayon Volcano. It’s so beautiful you would stare at it every chance you get.

This vacation also marked the first of the numerous travel I’ll be having with my loves, the Zizis. And unlike the deserted Vanishing Island we visited, our friendship will remain.

This post is part of #thestrangehertravels photo essay project. 

Feel The Tension



Carter placed the first word
on the board. Summer, it read,
with E touching the star.

I smiled at the thought
of the word I could make
out of the letters on my rack.

Using the blank tile as M,
I connected Memories
to his Summer, our summer.

Zoe has a smug look on
her face as she linked
Love at Summer’s E.

I caught Carter’s eyes
at that brief moment
and we just understood.

Ryan seem to have noticed,
he was smirking during his turn,
attaching Illusion to Love.

Now I’m confused.
Are we playing words
or speaking feelings?

Daily Post’s writing prompt The Perfect Game. [Photo]