a Batangas escampism

Camping is one of those movie scenes I want to experience and our short escapade to this little beach brought to life an unforgettable moment that helped build our friendship. The conversation we had may have faded just like how the fire eventually lost its spark that night, but the cold sea will remember our whispers, the wind will still carry our tears away, and the stars in the sky will remain witness to the special bond that was formed.


Mayon Volcano & other firsts

First times—things we never forget. The trip to Legazpi marked my first experience in riding one of the greatest inventions of all time, the airplane. And it wants to be remembered in a between-pesky-and-amusing way because before we landed in Albay we had to ride two airplanes with the thick clouds being the culprit, it was also the first time I kind of hated clouds for existing.

However, all our annoyance and discontent went away when we caught sight of the magnificent perfect cone-shaped Mayon Volcano. It’s so beautiful you would stare at it every chance you get.

This vacation also marked the first of the numerous travel I’ll be having with my loves, the Zizis. And unlike the deserted Vanishing Island we visited, our friendship will remain.


In and Out of Rizal

January 2016 was spent going back and forth the metro and the province of Rizal. Pinto Art Museum slowed down three hours of my life for its collections with a lot of pieces just drawing you in; Batlag Falls made my early birthday celebration extra special because we were the only ones who swam on its cold and turquoise water that day; and Pililla Wind Farm blew our minds off the problems we face at that time by reminding us how big and beautiful the world is (and partly scaring us with its giant windmills).


of lights and shadows

Shadows, one of my favorite things on Earth.

There’s been a lot of stories about shadows and it’s surprising that I have only created a single poem about it and a very short one at that. Probably because my fascination with shadows give me joy, unlike the melancholic feeling I get with the rain, sun, or moon. And when you’re happy you rarely think of anything else, you just smile and take the moment in.

P.S. I have more shadow pictures but it seems like I’m only fascinated with my shadow lol.


seasons of hearts

The clouds are gray, the wind is gushing, and the rain is seeking attention again. Much like how my heart has been throughout this year. If the seasons are an indication of how my heart will be, spring should be next to winter.

But darling, global warming is real, and it might take my heart forever.

Daily Post’s Hopeful.

Photography, Short Story

a lamppost story

look at the pictures and tell me how your own story unfolds right your very eyes until you wanted to stop reading and actually write down your thoughts because the characters are introducing themselves and the conflict is slowly building and you know you’ve been waiting for this a very long time but the clock is ticking and the sun will eventually leave the sky and the lampposts but most importantly the girl who took these photographs until she gave up anticipating for someone to come