If We’re Together


couple cafe sad ifs coffee girl boy

If we were having
coffee right now,
you’d ask me what
this poem is about.

I’d make up a story on
how I saw the shoes
of my dreams taken
away by some lady
who has more cash
in her hands.

You’d tell me that
there are a lot of
shoes in the world
and I would find
something that is
more special.

I’d smile at you
and you’d ask me why.
I’ll then say that
this poem is for us.

You left me for some
girl who had more
curves in her bod.

I looked for a man
who is far more than
special than you are.

If we were having
coffee right now,
I won’t be captivated
by his radiant eyes.

Writing 101’s Task: Over a Cup of Coffee. [Photo]


Better To Know



Most of you would agree with this quote (oh I also do, believe me), but my mind tells me to look at the other side and explore what lies behind wondering.

I remember the moments when I kept thinking about things that could have happen had I not know about the real deal. I would always make beautiful stories in my head because I’m unaware of what is happening, or what could happen. They brought smiles to my face and I like it. Because at least, even for a little while, I become happy.

We wonder when we’re worried, because we care about someone. We wonder about what ifs, because until now we cannot completely move on. We wonder why, because we gave our trust to that person. We never wonder just because, for there is always a reason.

It is nice to wonder. The emotions that you get, even if they’re not as real, makes us feel alive. The sudden thump in our hearts or the sweat that runs on our faces while we think, while we imagine, while we wonder. They may be half as true but they sure keep us awake and existing.

But still, it’s better to know than to always wonder.

This is in response to the blog event Writer’s Quote Wednesday.

Words That Haunt Us



This is one of the what ifs in life. Sometimes we don’t have enough courage to say the things we want to. And they’re frustrating. You have it all figured out on your mind, exactly how you want to spit them out, but you couldn’t. We are only brave in our imaginations. When the right time presents itself, we even find it hard to look into the person’s way, let alone express themselves.

This is almost always the case. At least to me. And I always wonder about what could have happened had I told them what I was supposed to say. Right now there’s one person I really want to be friends with even though we’re not of the same age (sort of like a mentor), and I’ve thought every possible scenario in my mind on how to open that up to her, but I couldn’t. One of the plans was to come to her and ask could we be friends? straight up. But it’s hard. And it’s somehow complicated.

The only solution I could think of at the moment is to write. Somehow it eases up your emotions. Think about the person and write about the things you wanna tell them directly but couldn’t. If you’re brave enough, send them a letter. Sounds like a risk, but at least the words won’t haunt you; at best, the person would reply the way you expect them to, and at worst, they will do nothing at all.

I get over the things I didn’t say after some time. But just like all the memories we suddenly remember and the moments we suddenly miss, there will come a day in our life when the things we didn’t say will finally knock on our doors, only to haunt us.

This is in response to the blog event Writer’s Quote Wednesday. [Photo]