lost for words


swirling around my head
My writing voice

distinctively heard
My creative hand

P.S. You can’t force art—what I’m implying with this micropoem. I’m gonna elaborate on this soon. Wink

Writers Lie


I lie.

But I don’t like lying.
Still, I do.

I lie on the things I write.
My emotions are real—
some, at least.

But I twist them
so as to appear dramatic.
Coz that’s how you should write.
And that’s what writers do.

I connive with words
and make them work for me.
So that every sentence
every phrase or even pauses
could trigger a feeling.

An emotion
so real
so honest
only a lie
could make them
come out.

Daily Post’s Flawed.

Seven Wonders


I have a thing with thoughts and word count. They’re challenging—forces you to rack your brain to create an idea that may be short with words but deep in meaning. Aside from the distinct ways on how we interpret things, it also gives the readers freedom to think beyond what’s given, to personalize what’s written in such a way that it touches the very core of their feelings, their emotions.

Today, I have listed down seven thoughts with just seven words each. Hence, the Seven Wonders: Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be?

Now don’t expect too much. They are not on the inspiring side as what I’ve perceived it’s supposed to be from the prompt and this post is even categorized as Bitter, so.

  • The silence is never comforting. It’s scary.
  • You immortalized my sorrow without permission.
  • Love wrapped in indifference. The most problematic.
  • Ask only if you will listen wholeheartedly.
  • The lies I rehearse are the sweetest.
  • She didn’t look back. He understood why.
  • Love still makes the world go round.

Feel The Tension



Carter placed the first word
on the board. Summer, it read,
with E touching the star.

I smiled at the thought
of the word I could make
out of the letters on my rack.

Using the blank tile as M,
I connected Memories
to his Summer, our summer.

Zoe has a smug look on
her face as she linked
Love at Summer’s E.

I caught Carter’s eyes
at that brief moment
and we just understood.

Ryan seem to have noticed,
he was smirking during his turn,
attaching Illusion to Love.

Now I’m confused.
Are we playing words
or speaking feelings?

Daily Post’s writing prompt The Perfect Game. [Photo]

Words That Haunt Us



This is one of the what ifs in life. Sometimes we don’t have enough courage to say the things we want to. And they’re frustrating. You have it all figured out on your mind, exactly how you want to spit them out, but you couldn’t. We are only brave in our imaginations. When the right time presents itself, we even find it hard to look into the person’s way, let alone express themselves.

This is almost always the case. At least to me. And I always wonder about what could have happened had I told them what I was supposed to say. Right now there’s one person I really want to be friends with even though we’re not of the same age (sort of like a mentor), and I’ve thought every possible scenario in my mind on how to open that up to her, but I couldn’t. One of the plans was to come to her and ask could we be friends? straight up. But it’s hard. And it’s somehow complicated.

The only solution I could think of at the moment is to write. Somehow it eases up your emotions. Think about the person and write about the things you wanna tell them directly but couldn’t. If you’re brave enough, send them a letter. Sounds like a risk, but at least the words won’t haunt you; at best, the person would reply the way you expect them to, and at worst, they will do nothing at all.

I get over the things I didn’t say after some time. But just like all the memories we suddenly remember and the moments we suddenly miss, there will come a day in our life when the things we didn’t say will finally knock on our doors, only to haunt us.

This is in response to the blog event Writer’s Quote Wednesday. [Photo]