I’m Brave (Not?)


Not friends, not enemies, just some strangers with some memories.

Every time I cut, color, or change the style of my hair, this particular man comes out of his house right when I’m about to pass the way. That particular man is my friend, or rather, was my friend. Coz now, we’re strangers. And I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not. What I’m sure of, however, is that it’s really brave of me to share and publish this now. The first time I talked about someone so obviously (yes, it’s already obvious for me) that he would know it’s him. If only he reads this. Which I hope not.

Speaking of brave, I think it’s fair enough for girls to say that donating 8 inches of our hair for the benefit of children with cancer is a brave (and kind) thing to do. Which I did earlier, which prompt me to write this post. Now my hair falls right exactly at my collar bone. And I have to deal with it.

Like how I have to deal with what’s going on in my life right now, and all the drama hidden behind my eyes. I have to iron it out and at least straighten some of the curls. But there will be days when you just want to leave them be and be free. From all the heat and chemicals surrounding it. I hope the time comes when I have to worry less, if not anymore, and live life the way I want it to be.

Writing 101’s Task: Hook ’em with a quote.

P.S. Sorry I didn’t elaborate on the quote and my story. It just hurts so bad. Of course, I’m kidding. Also, the last paragraph speaks true for both my hair and my life. Maybe it also rings true to you. ☼