Unconscious Love


Loving without being conscious of loving is also a form of love.

The above quote was from a Taiwanese drama I recently watched,ย In Time With You. Right after I read that, I paused the video and thought about it for a few seconds or so. And then I moved a minute back to capture the screen with that line. I saw it now and decided to use it for today’s quote.

Are we really capable of loving someone unconsciously? I don’t know. But what I do know is that we are not numb. Ever watched anything where the lady doesn’t know that the gentleman likes her even though everyone around her knows? Or vice versa? That’s what I’m talking about. I don’t believe on that. Because we know it. We are aware of it. But we just choose to ignore it. It’s just the same as that feeling when a person doesn’t seem to like you. How could we easily sense that but not the one concerning love? Maybe because we humans are unfair.

The question still lingers my mind. Are we really capable of loving someone unconsciously? Yes, I’m asking you. Because honestly, I really don’t know.

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21 thoughts on “Unconscious Love

  1. That’s such an interesting thought. Sometimes when I here people say things like “I’m in love with my friends but I don’t think he knows it” I call BS on that. Because I think we see these emotions but when we verbally agree to them we don’t have an option of undoing them because more people know it exists. A nice thought provoking quote there.

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  2. Good questions and a good quote. I think a mother lovers her children unconsciously. I suppose there are some that do not, but most women love their children. Even when the kids to something horrible, love is still there. What does everyone else think?

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    1. Oh I forgot about mothers. Yea I agree with you. Maybe when it comes to family there are times when we love them unconsciously but it’s just hidden with hatred after a fight or something.

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      1. Maybe you have ๐Ÿ˜‰ you don’t always know at that moment. I once had a very good friend who i knew liked me but i felt nothing more than friendship as at then. It wasnt until he moved away to Ireland and a few years later, that i started seeing him in my dreams (still do) and that’s when it hit me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Good question. My first thought is that I can be pretty clueless when it comes to feelings, though mainly that has to do with understanding someone else’s, especially if those feelings are hiding. I tend to take people as they come. My second thought is that we can love unconsciously or subconsciously, I guess, if we already have love as a foundation. I believe a parent’s feelings are cited above. And I’d say that for my siblings and my friends. This kind of love is shown, for instance, when I’m caring for someone–I mean caring physically to help someone–and I don’t think about love or even feel love while in the midst of the doing. I’m sure I could be reminded pretty easily, though. But can we love without consciousness at all? I guess I’d need to be convinced. There’s a story that I tend to believe is true that on one day in the life of Helen Keller (blind, deaf, mute), she was told via her teacher that she was going to be told about someone called God. Her response was, I was wondering when you were going to tell me about him. Your question is sound. Thanks for asking it!

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    1. Feelings are so hard to understand. But they’re easy to hide. Which makes it more complicated. When I asked that question, I was thinking more of romantic love than any other. Maybe because the genre of the drama is romance, or maybe because I’m a curious hopeless romantic. I can’t decide.

      But I’d like to believe I have an answer on my question now. I don’t think we’re capable of loving (on a romantic level) someone unconsciously. We feel it. We are aware when it’s starting to grow in our hearts and mess with our mind and our life in general. We know it coz we start to look at someone in a very special (and weird) way. We just know love. All of us are conscious when it comes to love. I guess.

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      1. Yes, it sounded more like romantic love. And if you’re right, and I hope you are, then at least we know our own feelings. And I tend to think knowledge is good. Helpful, at least. Now, once we feel romantic love, what do we do? That’s when we hope we might come to know the other’s feelings and hope the other knows those feelings, too. And that they are the same feelings as our own. That’s the hope in being a hopeless romantic, I suppose. But why say curious? It’s a good word. Does it have something to do with not being able to decide?


        1. With you describing how hopeless romantics are, I could say I’m definitely one. I shouldn’t be saying this but it’s like you just put to words what’s happening to me now. I wouldn’t elaborate though. And I said curious because I’m a novice when it comes to romantic love, so.


  4. When I say that Keller called God “him,” that’s according to the story. Whether or not she thought God was male, I do not know. I believe that if there is God then God is female and male and more.


    1. Thanks for sharing that story about her. I know of a similar story about a boy who lost his atheist parents and then one day at school, a teacher took out a picture of God and asked the class if they know Him, the boy answered He was the one who hold his hand when his parents were dying.


  5. yes. my ex would say amazing things to me when she was asleep, demanding i snuggle her all night long and words she never said while awake. Her conscious side pretty much disliked me, and only tolerated me at best. I found it hard to leave her because at night she was this amazing love, during the day, almost manly and filled with obvious dislike. Her conscious just stayed with me for financial help. But Id say her unconscious or soulful side inside her was deeply in love with me. Maybe she was a split? I dont know, but it was the hardest break up for me because her nightime persona was amazing, almost angelic.

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    1. It’s very nice of you to share this. I could only imagine the pain you were in when you were in this relationship. Have you mentioned this to her? Anw, I hope everything’s well. Thank you!


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