when laughter isn’t enough


I’m generally doing okay in the state where I’m in right now but sometimes at night I miss the feeling of tears falling down my cheeks. It’s weird but at the end of some days I find myself longing for the me from months ago, anxious and crying effortlessly because of a lot of things, or the lack of some. Is it just me or does pain really grow into you that you’d go looking for it at times when your life seems boring?

Daily Prompt’s Laughter.

P.S. I wrote this October of 2017, I don’t know what got into me. Anw, it would be nice to hear your thoughts about it!

We Repel


Maybe the reason why the people we love don’t love us back is because opposite attracts.

But you two were honed from the same pole and one will always be repelling the other.

Daily Post’s Magnet.

a gallery 


The beautiful creaking sound of the wooden floor as I carefully tread the empty gallery is satisfying.

It was a territory I have always been familiar with—my well-planned steps on the way to your heart.

And just like the gallery, it’s empty. 

seasons of hearts


The clouds are gray, the wind is gushing, and the rain is seeking attention again. Much like how my heart has been throughout this year. If the seasons are an indication of how my heart will be, spring should be next to winter.

But darling, global warming is real, and it might take my heart forever.

Daily Post’s Hopeful.

slowly, slowly


When you sleep, you start to lose grip of the things that you’re holding. Like the phone on your right hand or the book that you’re reading.

Slowly, slowly, you let go.

You vanish from the world, out of your consciousness, away from here. You create a life where I’m not real.

In case you leave, that’s how it should go. Slowly lose grip of me, then let go.

Daily Post’s Vanish. 

Private Loving


One could argue that unrequited love is the most painful kind but it is also great at the same time. Most know why it’s painful, but only a few would consider it great. Think of it like this: you saw the beauty in a person that only a handful would and despite your unreciprocated feelings, you still loved them. Maybe temporarily, but still.

During my down time at work, I tried to surf the net incognito, of course. I prefer to use Firefox and the one at the office isn’t up to date, but the window that shows the info about private browsing caught my attention. Since I enjoy playing with words, I decided to borrow Firefox’s layout and private browsing info to make my own incognito tab, on love.

private loving thestrangeher-wordpress

whoever said that


They say that when you’re thinking of something that you want, you just have to keep your fingers crossed and you will get it.

So, I did. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I have you.

They also say that when you said something you don’t really mean, you just have to add the phrase “knock on wood” to prevent it from happening.

I did that and it worked, I swear.

And they say that when you see a shooting star, just close your eyes and quietly make a wish, for it will come true.

That, I also did.

But whoever said that, I don’t believe them. Whoever said those, I don’t believe them. 

Not this time. Not when crossing all my fingers to the point of twisting them aren’t enough to make you stay. Not when saying “knock on wood” after screaming at you to leave doesn’t make you stop from walking out the floor. And not when wishing upon a shooting star, upon all the freaking shining stars out there a hundred times turns me into a fool who’s still waiting for you to come back. 

So come back and make me believe them again. 

Daily Post’s Superstition.