not welcome

It’s in that moment
when our eyes locked
and your gaze
doesn’t feel the same
that I felt shame
for entering
a maze
with no end.
But then again,
I wasn’t welcomed
in the first place.


You Can’t Force Art

You can’t force art.

That statement has long been in my mind since I skipped blogging for a month, I just can’t seem to bring the words straight out. Since then, I have published three posts which imply that very thought. And two of them share a connection surprising enough for me to write about it.

October last year, I wrote “the pen ran out of ink,” sharing how I kept writing but stopped publishing for a while, the reason being I barely get to finish a piece I could proudly put out, and claiming that my ink needs to stop bleeding from time to time, just like my heart. February of this year, “Inks and Pain” came out, and in it I talked about struggling to produce bittersweet or sad stories because my heart stopped bleeding at once—almost as if it’s feeling no more—driving me to ask for pain when it rains, so my ink could bleed again.

It’s not just because of the ink that the connection was made (I just really like that word) but more so with the contrast of emotion from both posts which affected its bleeding. The abundant feelings of last year obstructed me to write but the emptiness of today doesn’t make it any different. Even this post took me a while to make!

Now I rarely write down ideas on tissue papers and receipts or on anything I could take a hold of, my Notes don’t receive sudden thoughts I could turn into poetry, I am lost for words and my mind is probably still on vacation.

You can’t force art, but you can force yourself not to think too much about it and try out other things and just live. And maybe then, art will introduce itself again.


live with lies

My throat hurts
so bad,
I can’t speak.

A big chunk of fear
blocking the way,
preventing courage
to pass by
and push honesty

My throat hurts
so bad,
I have to lie.

I push honesty aside.


Inks and Pain

It has become unusually harder for me to create bittersweet stories which evoke a bit of melancholia ever since pain stopped knocking on my heart.

I am questioning myself if I could still feel something, anything—anger, bitterness, frustration, shame, love, sadness—towards some certain people in my life and how important that emotion is in our relationship, but I’m afraid at times I feel empty because there is nothing to feel.

I oppose being empty, my mind resists engaging at the very thought of it, my heart stubbornly refuses to believe it is real, that it could happen, especially to me.

I who have joined the bandwagon of cold people claiming they have empty hearts when they are really just lonely. I who turned sadness into art whenever tears reach the tip of my tongue, or even when tears haven’t come. I who became overly familiarized with pain that I recognize it in other people’s eyes and understand it with my heart. I who thinks of welcoming pain again in my life, just so I could divert my attention in feeling nothing when there could be everything, or even just a thing.

The rain used to make my ink bleed with pain, now I’m asking pain to make my ink bleed when it rains.


flood my senses

and i know for sure
when you say, my love,
you don’t think of me
but of the man you have

so i’ll wait for rain
to flood my senses
and drain my heart
to be free from pain

Daily Post’s Waiting. 


the lady kept her mouth shut


An eerie silence
Mouths parting
Background noises
Strangers sighing
A movie house
Love unrequited
Eyes searching
Losing ahead
A heavy rain
Hearts racing
Quiet minds
Moon rising
An obvious sign
Both falling
Dumb mistake
Confined feelings

Daily Post’s Obvious and Mistake.

P.S. Please take time to read it slowly.


nothing stays here

Yeah, he was.

He was my first kiss.
And it felt right.

It felt so right, honestly.

But I had to stop.
Coz he has a girlfriend back then.

He was in a relationship.
Which he eventually broke off.
For me.

And if you look at it
from a third person’s perspective
I’m a bad girl.
A relationship-wrecker.

I’m a slut
as what the society
would love to call it.

Though nothing
more than a fiery kiss
a much-awaited one at that
ever happened between us.

Not even our own relationship.

For even though
love begins
doesn’t mean
love grows.

And stays.

Daily Post’s Complicated