The Strange Her

The strange her is a mermaid who just obtained feet with the desire to discover the world. The sea witch who helped her used to smuggle in thriller movies and Korean dramas which the mermaid watched with anticipation in her castle. The love stories and dystopian fictions she knows of come from the books brought in by her mother.

Without anyone’s consent, the mermaid gave up her maroon tail and comfortable life to experience that of a different track. The stranger is ready to share and explore and be a part of your world. So off she goes, strolling along the global sea of blogosphere. I mean streets. The global streets of blogosphere. Up where they lurk, up where they write, up where they meet all bloggers around…


A painted sketch made by a friend.

We can never really know someone based on just descriptions. And I know most of us find it hard telling something about ourselves. So instead I made that one above.

You would’ve guessed by now that I love mermaids (I’ll be one after I die) and all the things mentioned up there are basically pieces of who I am, what I like, and why I’m here. Which is to explore all things possible, especially the human mind, or our thoughts.

So if you want to join me, then welcome aboard!

If you don’t know where to start, then this list is for you:

32 thoughts on “The Strange Her

  1. I really liked the way that you introduced yourself in such an unusual and novel way. Mermaids! Sounds like you’re a bit of a dreamer, me too, nice to make your acquaintance here in this blogging land.

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      1. Even when we tell our own “tale” it’s often a metaphor for past events, and helps us better understand what we’ve experienced, and, thereby ourselves – so I always find it best to go direct to a fictional tale and let the readers make of it what resonates most powerfully with them ^^

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  2. Hey darling, I came across your blog on the community pool and am so glad I did. You have such a wonderful control over words, I am so glad you share your talent with the world.
    Love always. x

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      1. The pleasure is all mine. I like the things which are not made for everyone, glad I stumbled across your blog.
        PS: Do give my poems a read, sometime. I guess you’ll enjoy it.


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