What would my tagline be?

Giving a tagline for myself is like having a notion of how I want to appear to others, it’s not accurate most of the time, if not always. You think you’re this and that, but that’s not what the people see. And once you claim something, they’ll doubt it. Others are brave enough to tell you, but most keep it on their mind. Those brave people either care about you or want to make you feel bad. Those who keep it on their mind find it hard to believe you or they just really don’t like you.

Making a tagline for yourself is never easy, just like how hard it is to fill in your About Me section. You want it to be true and you but the perfect words are hiding somewhere, and you’re the seeker who takes his time figuring out where they went before sprinting to a place.

What would your tagline be? Maybe you could ask the others, for I’m sure they could say a lot about you. Or you could stop chasing the perfect words and instead settle on those that is just right. Because even if you found the perfect words, time will pass and make them imperfect for you.

Having a tagline is providing the world a glimpse of you. Having a tagline is allowing them to expect of you. Having a tagline is presenting yourself in a very limited way, something I wouldn’t like to do.

This is in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt Tagline.

Got something in mind?

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